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Recommending Daniel Duke:

I am a new arrival in Chile and recently stumbled across one of Dan’s property listings online.
After calling for an appointment, Dan met me at a central location and we travelled together to the property. He took the time to point out several of the more important landmarks and areas of interest along the way.
When we arrived, Dan guided me around the site, patiently describing the salient features and any of the property’s possible shortcomings. Throughout the viewing I found Dan to be extremely personable, helpful and forthcoming when answering my questions. I have conducted a lot of business with property people over the years, and can vouch that Dan has been one of the rare few who gladly went the extra mile.  He made what can often be a stressful experience into a most enjoyable viewing. I highly recommend his services.     Heidi Kukkonen      Canada

Dan was my partner for 3 years in the real estate auction business. He brings a ton of energy, skill, creativity and commitment to everything he does. He will tackle any challenge without backing down. He obsessively researches and prepares for every client and every sale, every time. He was also extremely detailed in his accounting and faithful in fiduciary responsibilities. Dan is one of the most service-oriented people I’ve ever worked with, and he will be missed in Pennsylvania. Carl E. Ocker – Owner of Kenny’s Auction & Carl Ocker Real Estate – Chambersburg, PA

Before I left the US, Dan was extremely helpful in putting me up to speed with the ‘ins and outs’ of real estate and investing in Chile. He worked tirelessly over Skype and countless emails to answer my questions and save me from numerous pitfalls that would have cost me dearly. Upon my arrival, he helped me with many personal arrangements- everything from a ride from the airport to numerous professional referrals; even helped me with the Visa process and facilitated a local cell phone. I’d say, he’s like a combination of a land broker and a concierge! Most importantly, Dan worked hard to find me a place that’s perfect for my needs. He was very patience and responsive- providing excellent research/data property inspections, photos and reports. He’s kept every promise, and continues to be an indispensable source of information and assistance in every way. The expression ‘it’s not about the money’ fits perfectly. He truly enjoys his work and cares about people. If you need an experienced land professional in Chile, Dan Duke is the man you want to talk to. Luis Castro, California (in Chile since Summer 2013)

Recommending Samuel González:

This job allowed me to meet Samuel González Brantuas as a person of great humanity. Therefore, and based on the knowledge gained in that period, I believe that Samuel González Brantuas is a person who brings very important qualities both from a human and professional point of view. Socorro Seoane –

It is my immense pleasure to report favorably on Mr. Samuel González Brantuas. l have had the opportunity to verify a good sense of responsibility and interest in his work, his intelligence, diligence and honesty outweighed in his field, highlighting the quality of his assignments and also his enthusiastic participation combined  with a great ability to work both individually and in groups. Luis Fernando – Head Renewable Energy Department – +34 987 291844 –

Recommending Raquel Pimentel:

We worked together for a period of more than two years and Rachel performed during this time all her activities efficiently, demonstrating initiative and professional competence, as well as ease in learning new tasks and in the transmission of her knowledge to other employees. Rachel has always maintained an excellent personal and professional relationship with all with whom she worked which facilitated the dynamics of work within the company, where it will always be remembered for her efficiency and good relationships. José Maria Antunes Felix Pereira . Horizon Urbanismo e Arquitetura – Owner and Director – 55 19 3234-6558/99602-4731

I would like to declare that I had the pleasure of working with Miss. Raquel at the company Damha Urbanizadora – Encalso Group. She is is very professional, competent, friendly, dedicated, very committed to the  work, a great human being who has a huge heart,   treating people with great affection. For me, Fausto, it was a pleasure sharing the   work with Rachell. Undoubtedly, I strongly recommend her as a real estate representative. Fausto Nebó- 55 11- 99314 4606