Chile Property is a real estate consultation and brokerage, established in 2011 with the participation of engineers, agronomists, surveyors, attorneys, and associated real estate sales brokers in Chile. Our team specializes in farms, lifestyle properties, and larger parcels of land – research, inspections, appraisals, sales, and related services in the central and southern regions of Chile. We’re committed to excellence, quality & personalized service, with decades of experience in land sales and management.

“One-on-One Attention”

We share everything we can freely on this website and respond quickly. Once you´re ready to make a connection, we schedule a time to talk and get to know you better and how we can help you achieve your goals, and prevent pitfalls. If you´re serious about investing in Chile, we can help you find land and to understand local land and agricultural issues and opportunities, make essential and trustworthy referrals to help you plan for visas, set up accounts, and evaluate/anticipate many other needs. 

common SERVICE Options for Real Estate BUYERS 


Dan Duke, founding member, received his Bachelor’s in Accounting from The University of Texas at San Antonio. In the USA, specialized in real estate brokerage and auctions, has sold more than 100 parcels of real estate. Completed many RE programs, memberships and accreditations, and previously helding licenses for real estate practice, and marketing.

A permanent resident of Chile, averaging 300+ days per year in the country last 5 years, active between the 5th and 10th regions, with associates in regions beyond.

Shares archives view of research and database (aka “the List”). General consultation and brokerage information and many other details on website  (in redesign winter 2017)

Eseentially, aggregating and sharing knowledge of Chilean opportunities for various investment and lifestyle properties. Researching, scouting, reporting. Improving networking of regional interdediaries. And also active with great group of Chilean producers / processors / exporters, learning a lot, and helping them to meet and manage sourcing and export of Chilean fruits and nuts.

Acting as a scout for foreign investors on standby to recieve notifications of new properties for sale.

Offering tour services for serious buyers.

Experience and Focus:
Real estate brokeage and apprasials >> typically larger properties– farms & land,  investment properties.  Trophy properties;  shared use. 

Sales & marketing:   publications and promotions online of lands for sale and of associated services

General counseling, appraisals of real estate, and Referals of Services:  engineers, topographers, studies, general legal referals,  subdivision projects,

Previously in the United States, no licensure current:    Sales, Auctions, Estate Management, Problem Solving, Online Promotions, Project Management, Loss Prevention, Consulting, Business Planning, Due Diligence, Development, Reporting, and working with Lawyers, Consultants and Contractors.

Happy to receive phone calls, however frequently out of cell range, so email as much as possible if do not answer.    Skype or whatsapp are also fine.

Dan Duke

Skype: daniel.duke1

USA Phone– +1 (412) 447-1950

Chile cellular: +56 9 7646 6173



Samuel is an enthusiastic and very multidisciplinary engineer who has participated in vast branches of science, and including management of this site.

Trained and experienced in different hydraulics (irrigation design and construction in Chile), electrical and thermal projects (Spain), energy efficiency audits (different projects in the real-state and industrial fields: refrigeration, vapor, lighting, hydraulic energy solutions in Chile), and renewable energy feasibility studies and implementation projects (solar energy mainly in Chile).

Samuel González obtained the following four academic degrees between Engineer’s degrees and Master of Engineering in Spain: Agroindustrial, Agronomical and Forest engineering degree in the University of Santiago de Compostela; Master of Engineering in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency in the University of León with honors and various awards.

Samuel specializes in environmental management, impact assessment, awareness, pollution, soil analysis and engineering >>  pumps, drainage, energy efficiency, renewable energy, GIS systems, biomass energy, geothermal, irrigation, electrical and thermal design. He obtained the EUREM (European Energy Manager) certification.


Project Management, Energy Audits, Solar Energy, Electrical Installations, Agroindustrial Construction, Hydraulics, Engines and Agricultural Machinery, Mapping and Soil Evaluation, Thermal Engineering, Watershed management, Forest roads construction, Ecology and Environmental Impact Survey, Biomass energy, Biofuels, Wind Energy, Hydro and Geothermal energy, Crop protection, Animal Science, and Energy Efficiency.

Meanwhile, Samuel was a founding member of Chile Property, and directs most of the technical aspects of this website, and referals of engineering services in Chile.

If you email mail him an introduction with a specific inquiry, he will tell you, for example, of “a topographer en com. Pto. Varas” or of “a geothermal contractor working in comuna San Fernando”.


Teléfono: +34-664669173

Skype: samuelxiveiro


Not (yet) shown in this page are the many wonderful brokers, agronomists, surveyors, architects, public servants, accountants, consultants, planning/relocation services, and field guides who we´ve had the privilege of working alongside. Without their support and collaboration we would not dream of being able to deliver comprehensive services across so many regions of Chile, indeed we´d be lost without them.

             Notably active in among our team of Corredor Vendedores y Tasadores are:

Daniella Parrau Vargas    

daniela parrau, chile property, bilingual realtor

Juan Andrés Bueno Bosshard 

Corredor Vendedor de agrícolas y terrenos grandes de las regiones sexta, siete y octava.