Chile Property Services

Various fees may apply, and contractual agreements are may be necessary before starting.

Some services can only be offered with advance scheduling of weeks or months.

To avoid miscommunications and to receive service >>  if you are visiting Chile on a short window, we must clarify and schedule as soon as possible, and for specific dates, and knowing well your goals…. in order to be sure to give you any attention. We do not keep an office in Santiago, except for official use and scheduled times.


Soil/Water and Agricultural Studies

Property Inspections & Reports   –  Specialists in land,  farms, larger parcels, and general real estate inspections

Property Touring:   formulated during one month prior to schedule dates >> a custom plan of many property inspections according to your criteria and instructions, guided by a Chile Property representative, typically spans a few days

Mission:   negotiable rates. A more limited service for “1 or 2 properties” that the investors have themselves procured and presented to us for closer look and reporting.


Team:  A Full Range of Expert Referals & Appraisals

Engineering &  Environmental Services –  we should be able to cover most directly, among Samuel, Daniela, Juan Andres, Stephen, chilean engineers, our brothers, sisters, and so on…  if we can´t help you we will make some referals

Full Broker services:   as buyer´s agent, typically 2.5% sales commission + taxes + expenses

as a seller´s agent, our fees varies between 1.0% to 5.0%, or none

Advertising services:    Chile Property SpA is interested in promoting region services for Land/ Ag. related services, for example construction contractors, subdivisions/ communities, other


Initial phone consultations are complimentary, 

Just ask if you would like a sample property inspection report.


Disclaimer:      It is very important to make clear the wide gap between access to the “public blog” shared freely, with no gurantees nor implied duties…  and “professional services”.  Let´s rephrase please, in order to avoid any confusion >>  we can only give careful attention to those whom we have explicitly committed to, which is impossible until the investor has shared in detail their profile and goals, and this will typically involve some time and coordination.   Until such time,  we hope this website can serve you in some small way,  but no specific performance, other than to try to answer all emails (usually within a few days).  As they say,  “you can´t be a fool for everyone”    😉


Why Chile Property?:

Like no one else in Chile, we constantly analyze land prices in Chile, aggregate and translate information, and share it freely on the site, with no obligation to you, and no account required.

We ask of you:

Please read through this website. It´s the result of thousands of hours of study and translation, and will contribute to your education of Chile land, prices, agriculture, and related issues.

Plan your trip ahead of time. We love to impress and we´re sincere, service-minded people, but we can´t “jump in the car and go” without advance notice. Many of our clients are foreigner buyers wanting to see many properties per day, sometimes for days on end… such a tour might take weeks to prepare properly.

Write us a detailed description of what you´re looking for. It might help if you save the reference numbers of the properties you like, even if it´s it´s not perfect or even if it´s sold. These examples help us build a framework of what you´re looking for.

Our Method, Pricing, Details, Disclaimers, and some FAQ

All fees and commissions are negotiable, and subject to change.

Years ago, we started cataloging land listings with a sellers descriptions, locations and prices- just the basics. Later, that expanded into this website where we share them as archives. It´s important to understand that most information is highly unverified and speculative, and without any guarantees. Particularly in the older listings, we were only gathering and saving the information, and then sharing it on the site as the seller offered in their original description and not as a respresentation from us; not initally at least, until you hire us and we´ve made inspections and on into due diligence.

The consequence of this method is Limited Initial Details, and  a chance there´s something to be discovered wrong with the property that we aren´t yet aware of- soils, aesthics, or any number of issues we wont know about until we´ve been there.

The advantage is we’re able to give you a broad glimpse of the land market in Chile, as reflected by a large, timely, and growing data pool. And we estimate high on your expenses and the exchange rate, so you´re likely to have a final closing price lower than estimated.

Again, for clarity, the real estate for sale on are mostly “postings found”. We have only given it a quick analysis, translation and re-posting. In many cases we have never been to the property, and often times we have not even spoken with the seller. But then, once we have interest from a buyer, we contact the seller to determine that it´s still available, to double-check their metrics, and ask additional initial questions.

Chile Property SpA has few listings agreements with the sellers. In the last year (2016) we have started to accept more contracts with sellers (you may have noticed fewer listings, but better detailed pages). If we have a contract with the seller, we will make that known to the interested potential buyer in the early stages of the conversation. Otherwise, it can be assumed that we only represent the buyer. We are aware of the sensitivities of dual-agencies, and will disclose any interests we have in a property.

Of course, all due diligence will be performed as directed by our clients. Ideally before any offers are made, but certainly before any sales agreements are signed (unless results of the studies are agreed to be contingent).

Sales Commission:

BUYERS>>   Our typical sales commission is approximately 3% to the buyer (2.5 % + taxes). You should also expect to be responsible for some share or all of closing expenses: including the attorneys costs, notary fees, and recording fees.


We ask for a minimum sales commission of  3.000.000 pesos (arpox $4,500 USD). The amount of work in researching, locating, inspecting, negotiating, and contracting the purchase of low-cost parcel is quite the same as the process for any more expensive real estate purchase (in fact, sometimes it´s much more difficult with low-priced parcels). Instead of declining those clients, we prefer to agree to a minimum commission. So, for example, if you find a $80,000 USD property that´s perfect for you, we will charge the minimum sales commission (based upon a $150,000 property). This allows us to give any property purchase our full attention without compromising your service. If you´re looking for a low-parcel, we hope you´ll see the fairness and mutual benefit in this policy. If you lie, we´ll talk in further depth about what is right in your situation.

Property Pricing:

Going back years, we were translating and sharing a lot of unverified information, and didn´t want to make too many mistakes,  more over to help curb expectations and surprise.  So we were making conservative conversion to dollars, then add 10% to cover all your typical costs and surprises, then use that amount on the website as the estimated final cost. The actual final cost will be likely be less then the price you see on the website; but more then the price shown on “The List”.

for example, if the seller is asking for 100.000.000 chilean pesos, if we used the conv rate of 1000 CLP= 1.75 usd, then this property would be shown on the website as $192,000 usd.  This results in a higher estimate than the likely actual cost, so that we can predict the price will also cover closing expenses. Please see video on the subject. 

When we get to the point of preparing a purchase offer, of course, these estimations will be replaced by an better, itemized breakdown of expenses.

So, most prices shown for real estate properties referenced in the 600s or lower are such conservative estimates of the Final sales price- including sales commissions, taxes, attorney and notary fees, title research, and all other closing costs. We estimate high- typically adding 10% to the seller’s asking price – so that your actual total will likely be lower. The reasoning for this approach is… “We’re gathering the local, direct asking prices, let´s not ruin that by under-estimating the closing cost.”

PRICING UPDATE  OCTOBER 2016 – Our standard for required content for the new properties has changed dramatically.  In general, a polar opposite >>  now we are only adding more verified and researched properties, according to our 10 requirements.  As part of this change we are able to make more confident statements about the seller´s expectactions.  Therefore, most new properties are going to have a traditional, local price (CLP, without any commissions or other expenses).  For properties reference number 700+, we simply state the seller´s asking price.

The prices on aka “The List” include:

(a) Asking prices, in Chilean pesos – as posted by the seller or seller’s agent. The saved price is often factored from UFs and/or per hectare prices.

(b) US Dollars and Dollars per acre prices at a conservative exchange rate-  again, estimated high in the past,   recently changed (as just explained).

Be assured that when you’re ready to make an offer, you can have an itemized estimate of expenses (much as you would expect to receive in the States or in Europe) showing clear projections of all expenses before you make a decision.


For our investor clients, we typically offer direct referal to trusted lawyers.  However you may chose other arrangements for counsel, which is totally fine and equally welcome.     At the outset, this preference is not clear, and so, unless expressed otherwise, it is the best practice to assume the investor has full and independent legal representation.  Please ask for referals if you want them.

If you should need additional legal services not related to the property purchase, we will refer you to trusted and specializing attorneys.

Important Disclaimers and Notes:

Neither Chile Property SpA or any of it´s members make any guarantees to the accuracy of any information on this website- including sales prices, parcels sizes, or any representations whatsoever.

No deed research has been made or initiated for any of these properties. Without further research, we have NO knowledge and make NO representations whatsoever regarding the presence of any debts, claims, clouds, or other encumbrances. Neither do we have any knowledge of the seller´s situation.

No guarantee of availability. Any of the properties shown may have been sold, pending sale, otherwise no longer offered for sale.

Chile Property SpA may require the proof of buyer funds as available in the country, or are ready for transfer, before presenting formal purchase offers; in fairness to all parties, and in order to present real, timely offers; and to prevent forfeiture of “down money”. Note: For many people this will be a process of many weeks, so you must be proactive in the process, and do not wait until you are hunting, let´s talk about those options early and prevent stress and/or a potential “lost deal” – this has happened several times!

Property tours with new clients are only made with a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice. Ideally one month or greater to ensure the dates are available and to make proper preparations. Reservations of property tours require a forfeitable deposit. For details please ask us and we´ll send the terms.


Chile Property offers a range of services for investors who are seeking investment opportunities in farming and land in Chile.

These services are divided into two general areas: Real Estate Land and associated Engineering Services.

Real Estate Land Services

Inspections & Appraisals:   We arrange for various appraisals, performed by expert chilean civil engineers who are liscensed in good standing.

General Title research.  Photography/ Video deliverables, reports for comparable sales, extensive mapping,  custom solutions to your criteria. Full legal and tax referals, our unqualified opinions, sector reviews, every kind of analysis of agricultural property. Any type of study related to real estate.  Our standard inspection reports often range into 20+ pages

Sometimes it´s more convenient and efficent for you to send us out on inspections. We typically deliver a property inspection report (PIR) within a one or two weeks, Depending on the location and the information you need, a typical expense for a PIR is $400-1000, , or if you need advanced studies we can refer you to third parties.

Purchasing: Explaining the process in Chile. Title Research, making Offers, legal Support, and after the sale.

Touring:  We schedule 1-3 days of viewing properties that might fit your desires. We travel and inspect land together- 3 to 6 per day- lots of driving, stating early (not necessarily a good “family trip” but we can slow it down if you like)

Before we go, we´ll have detailed conversations regarding your trip,  and then start preparing a plan for you, starting with interview sellers to verify more property information. Then we start from scratch with new searches just for your criteria. As we get closer to your dates, we add the newly discovered farms and start mapping, planning hotels, and other trip details.

On our days in the field, we generally pack as much as we can and try to keep it moving, with the onus to keep all our site inspections planned for that day. But if you´re travelling as a family then we´d probably want a more casual plan, with only one or two farms scheduled, and time for breaks or any other stops of interest you want to add.

The travel expenses are entirely yours, and we agree to a reasonable touring fee for my time – $300 -400 per day. This fee is deductible from a sales commission expense.

Engineering & Environmental Services – the following are services we´ve performed in Chile

  1. water (irrigation design and construction, well construction, hydraulic systems, pumps, …)
  2. energy (electrical installations, solar photovoltaic and thermal energy, wind energy, other sources, …)
  3. heating and air conditioning (boilers, biomass energy, green roofing, HVAC)
  4. construction (barns, concrete, water tanks, wooden houses, roads, earth bag houses, fencing…)
  5. sanitation (septic tanks, sewage, effluents, …)
  6. surveys (stake out, topographic map, soil analysis,  soil resistance, …)

Engineer mapping services chile real estate

Engineering, Survey, topographical, and mapping services for Chile real estate lands


This section is largely addressed towards those investors Property Touring,  to clarify FAQ:

Some examples of client experiences where there was not an immediate purchase – common for new shoppers learning about Chile:


“Kim and John” want to see some of the properties, so they wanted us to coordinate two days or three when we can guide them through the inspection of many properties. Before the scheduled visit, Chile Property researches many options that fit their initial criteria, and then coordinates the scheduling of all properties. Kim and John pay reasonable expenses, plus a $300 – 500 daily fee for the days a Chile Property SpA representative is in the field showing them farms. In this case, they paid a $1200 touring fee for three days. Kim and John have a credit of $1200 towards a future sales commission if they should buy a property.


“Jasmine”  wants an analysis sees a specific property that looks like it might work for her team´s fruit sourcing plan, but she can´t come to Chile anytime soon. So, before hiring various experts, she hires Chile Property to do an inspection, coordinate soil and water studies, and report. She paid for the initial property inspection report by wire transfer or paypal. We delivered the report 8 days later.


One group scheduled a week of inspections of two dozen properties. They sent us a 2,000 USD deposit via PayPal, and we proceeded to research, translate, report 30+ properties, including mapping, scheduling, and according to their custom criteria, feedback, and developing plans; meanwhile delving into various other associated concerns and preparations. After weeks on this course, they canceled the trip, and we spent a day cancelling with the sellers/ agents. The client was returned HALF the funds, because they cancelled 3 days before.

*and to reschedule dates of services would be handled similarly


In most such cases, there is no further obligation of either party, unless the client proceeds to buy the property, in which case Chile Property SpA will execute the transaction and earn a sales commission, and the initial inspection/touring expenses will be deducted from the sales expense (a credit to the buyer).   Often our clients find the property the want on the second trip, so it´s more cozy if all know those fees are accumulating towards that, even if it took three trips.


“The Mission”

On many occasions our investors are not so interested in meeting for many days to inspect properties.  Sometimes an inspection (sooner and in their absence) is better,  or may be general preferred by those doing their own reserach.  Once you find something, you can send us out to make the inspection and report back,  and standing by to move on the purchase steps.  In such cases we are very negotiable. In fact we encourage the behavior.  READ THIS ARTICLE, please if you have not already >>  Finding Land in Chile.  

Therfore we welcome requests for a limited service for “1 or 2 properties”  the investors have themselves procured and presented to us for a confidential closer look.  We are happy to hire out for a fixed fee as scouts for any specific properties you have found,  however, we would also expect to act as buyer´s broker in event you proceed.  In such cases we are negotiable to receive a lesser amount in case you buy it.

Chile Property representative will make serious inspection and reporting of 2 properties, including standard elements + various requirements according to investor….  report to seller immediately afterwards,   maintain confidentiality regarding the property,  and execute post reporting tasks.   The amount agreed for the service fee in that case was one million chilean pesos (approx 1,500 USD), with other terms and conditions,  including that, in the event the client buys the property, the broker who made the field inspections will additionally receive as a sales commission a minimum of one million pesos plus taxes (approx  1780 USD).

Vineyard Analysis – our assocate agronomists are focused on the production of fruits and nuts. Our non-expert staff is similarly called. It would be enough satisfaction to know all about food and water within this lifetime. If there is more time perhaps animals, design build projects, or some social cause. We continue to receive a volume of grape/ wine production inquiries, but it is not our focus. Therefore we decidely pass on consultations of vineyards, especially at the industrial scale, as demanding and less known as it is.  Available by referall to our trusted expert of Oenology and Viticulture from the University of California. “Jay” can help you evaluate everything to do with Chilean wine, vineyards, and production.  Our if you prefer we will refer you to an excellent, and trustworthy real estate broker (independent party) who is a wine land specialist.

We are negotiable.   This page is an attempt to summarize some of the common services, but many other agreements are possible.

Among other needs which arise, we can also help or refer you for other advise:

Immigration and visa options, Establishing a Residency,  Agricultural and Climate data, Mapping, Schools and other Family Needs, – Contractors – Translation and Interpretation – Rentals – other Investment Opportunities

Thank you so much for your time and careful attention!
  • -Chile Property SpA

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