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If we´ve posted 600+ parcels, then we´ve researched 12,000+! Those posted to our site are the ones that are larger, rural, well-priced parcels (or otherwise have something appealing about them). Here´s the summary view. NOTE: The reference numbers correspond to posts on the website.. you can cross-reference with a simple site search of the number in the first column.

See the list at:   www.chileproperty.com/landlist


All Climate Reports are by Courtesy of “Campo de El Mercurio”   http://www.elmercurio.com/Campo      

Let us know if you need any help with translations.

Note regarding climate reports: “North” means the agricultural north, not the far north of Chile.







EndSpringClimateReportDec2014Central  Regions 6,7,8

REndSpringClimateReportDec2014North  Regions 4 and 5


midSpringClimateReportCentralChile2014    Nov.12, 2014   Central Chile

midSpringClimateReportSouthChile2014    Nov.12, 2014  South Chile/Patagonia


Changes in Obtaining an Investor´s RUT in Chile – August 2014

Climate Report, July 9, 2014, Courtesy of “Campo de El Mercurio”   http://www.elmercurio.com/Campo


Climate Report, July 16, 2014, CENTRAL REGIONS

VIEW SPANISH COPY   –   seasonal updates and translations by request

Climate Report, August 27, 2014, CENTRAL REGIONS



Botrytis in blueberries and cranberries: The keys to designing a successful control program.

Botrytis in blueberries and cranberries


Importing seeds from abroad     Steps for bringing seeds into Chile through SAG Importing seeds from abroad – El Campo 14Aug14


2013 NATIONAL COMMISSION ON IRRIGATION – Taking advantage of Chile´s Irrigation Law 18.450

ChileIrrigationLaw2013LEY18.450     Spanish Document – English Translations by Request


National Agroclimatic Network

Visor IDE Chile

General information about Chile

Registration Agroclimatic Information newsletter

Crop prices

Territorial Statistical Consultation System

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